Short and Sweet!

Cupcakes and Kisses,
Warm Smiles and hugs,
a bouquet of roses and warm coffee mugs
a nice, sweet poem
a card filled with love,
an olive wreath with a majestic dove.
As big as an elepant or a small as a pimple,
To show you I care, I give you short, sweet, and simple
Thanks for being my friends!

Nature’s Miracale

My E.L. goal was really fun and cool. It was a poem and photography-based poster. I’ve always liked photography, and now was the time to do it. But my favorite part was the fonts. When I was little, I would write my name in every different font that I had. So, for my poem, every word was in a different font. I tried to make it look like collage. For the most part, I loved every bit of my project, but the pasting took FOREVER!!!!!!!! I love my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):): 

Snow Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Snow Days! In school, I was told that we definitely NOT have a snow day. And, they were wrong–we had two! When I woke up on Monday, I rubbed my eyes and peeked at the clock–7:35! Suddenly wide awake, I dashed out of my bed and into the kitchen.

“Daddy, get some breakfast!” I said frantically searching the pantry for cereal. Then I heard the great news. I ran up into my room and looked out the window. A thick white covering was occupying the ground, and more was coming to meet it. I pressed my face into the window and just watched, awestruck. That had given me an idea. I quickly got a blank piece of printer paper and scissors and started to cut. I cut and cut and cut an cut. Finally, my paper snow flake was done. I tried to imitate the delicate designs of the real, crisp flakes, but I just couldn’t do it. But I knew every snow flake was different, so I sat and enjoyed it.

They day to follow was just as wonderful. I spent my magical day around my family and friends, but just as much time also looking out the window. When I stopped to think about it, the idea of having too much snow almost seemed miraculous. I just wanted to walk outside and sit in the snow, and if I concentrate enough, I could feel one with the world.

Another Year Gone

2011. Another year gone. But another year to come. Over the 2010 laps of time many joyous things happened, and many depressing features occurred. I see 2011 as a new year and a new opportunity to express who I really want the world to see me as. I have many new things in my life–a new year, a new house. In 2010 my family proceeded in a full house remodel. I have a new room, a new kitchen, and new family room. So, I would like to think that 2011 is the year of new.

My resolution for this year is to be a nicer friend to all and fully appriciate why I am here.

What is Gifted???

What is gifted? Well, I didn’t even know what it was until I did this assignment. At first, I thought that gifted was all about being smart and perfect in all subjects, but I was wrong. In this web quest, I learned that being gifted is not being perfect, but being unique and creative. Being gifted has different traits. Some of my traits were getting bored fast, following directions, and letting my curiosity loose to open up to new ideas and possibilities. Some of the traits I had no idea that they were gifted abilities. I learned that I am a certain kind of thinker, an INFJ. This means I am gentle and sympithetic for other people. I also have a physic nature, which is very true. INFJ is only one percent of the population, so I am a very rare person. The questions were tricky, and at sometimes confusing. I like to learn things by hands on actions and sometimes I am unstill in my chair, and that is called kinesthetic. Children who are gifted are not always smart. when I am in my regular school class, people always look to me for the answers, but most of the time I will be as clueless as they are. I am really no different than your ordinary Joe, and I am not a nerdish-geekish-weirdish person who knows the propery of y = 2834 h ukrnaim masectflf d, becuaseI  do not. To me, gifted is a skill that I can be proud of and apply to my everyday life. I will always be different than everybody else, which is one of my special things. I know that there is somebody better and somebody worse, but I love being gifted and  I believe that my gifted strength is something I can be proud of!  

My Collection

I collect quarters. If you have ever noticed, each quarter has something different on the back. They are each a different state. A lot of people collect them, so people have made special cases for them, which I have.  Also, there are two different kinds of each quarter back, D and P. D is for Denver, because that is where they are made. And P is for Philadelphia because that is where they are made. They came out in 1999, and every body went crazy over them. I have been collecting ever since last year, and I have over 25 dollars in quarters in that case. Before 1999, they had eagle back  quarters. I love collecting quarters, and I am never going to stop!

What a Great Blog is

What is a great blog? (Challenge 4)

My idea of a great blog is simple–you have to really tell your readers that this is you, a smart intellegent person who is eligible for having their own blog.  Most of the posts should be mostly spelled correctly and properly punctuated. Your posts should be appropriate, too.  It is awesome to have cool widgets, but to so many that you are distracting you from reading the posts. I think that Skidz’s blog is a very good example of a good blog. It has a good mix of widgets and posts and they are acceptable, as well.  I think one thing I could improve on is letting my voice shine through in my posts. I think I just have facts, and that makes people not want to visit my blog.